About Us

Drytec Contract Processing is the proven partner of choice for Spray Dry services to a wide range of industries. Part of the Specialty Powders Group, Drytec has more than thirty years of experience in particle drying technology. Today Drytec offers its customers a range of drying services that is second to none in quality and efficiency.

At Drytec, we aim to be helpful business partners to our customers, finding new and better drying solutions to help our customers maximise their business potential. Drytec has the  facilities and expertise in spray drying and encapsulation to take products from early stage to full scale production.

As part of the Specialty Powders Group, Drytec can offer a comprehensive range of drying and granulation techniques.

Agglomeration Technology www.aggtech.co.uk

Agglomix B.V. www.agglomix.com

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